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What are we talking about at ACV STUDENT MINISTRIES? 

Our purpose for Student Ministries is to help students to KNOW Jesus Christ as their savior, to GROW in their personal relationship with Him, and the GO and tell and show others the Good News of the Gospel.  We believe that the foundation of this purpose is solid Biblical teaching that engages and challenges students.  Our Wednesday nights, are centered around our teaching times.  Our small group time is spent bringing application to the night's teaching.  Each night, our desire is that every student would walk out of our building knowing something that they didn't when they walk in.  We want our Wednesday nights to affect our Thursday mornings and beyond. 

This year, our theme verse is Hebrews 6:19, "We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure."  We believe that JESUS is the hope that we have in an otherwise hopeless world.  This year's teaching series have been created to help our students discover, explore and live out the hope that is available to us through Jesus Christ.

Wednesday Night Teaching Series
Topics for 2021-22


As Christians, we are called to be witnesses of the gospel to the world around us. We have been given the incredible gift of life through Jesus' death and resurrection, and in order for us to share this gift with others we must MOVE! Move from inaction to action; move from a place of apathy to a place of Love for lost people; move from being quiet about our faith, to being ready to share our faith with others no matter where we are. The light is green, so we've got to MOVE!

April 7th-April 28

Youth Baptism 

Baptisms are one of the most exciting times in the life of a Christian and in the community of the Church! In May we have the privilege of celebrating with a few students who have made the decision to be baptized with their friends at youth group! If you are a student and you would like to be baptized, please contact Pastor Charles! We want to celebrate this profound step in your walk with Jesus! 

May 5th

Community Day

We value Jesus, Community, and Fun! Join us on May 12th for Community Day! We will have tons of fun activities including ultimate frisbee, 9-square, free food, and maybe even a DUNK TANK! Invite ALL your friends! The fun starts at 6:30 and we will wrap up at 8:30! 

May 12th

Last Day of Youth Group!

Have you ever had a question about your faith? Youth Group is a place where you can ask honest questions without anyone judging you. You belong here on Wednesday Nights! We will end the school year with a question and answer night. Bring your questions about God, faith, and life. We can't promise you an answer to every question, but we will Lean In together. 

May 19th

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